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                    Actual Picture of the Sun by NASA


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A candid note about our sourcing:  All items are brand new, bought firsthand. 'Special finds' often bought at retail, are usually bought direct from suppliers also unless we've made them ourselves under our private label product developmentlines. Thouroughbred 

Thrifting departments will always be clearly marked as such and are merchandised, stored sealed and displayed quite separately from regular GDLL inventory. Any of our merchandise handling includes gloves, air purifier, ventilation and facemasks in strictly clean workspace environment where good vibes prevail. For product lines that benefit from outdoor crafting, like our natural and organic beeswax candles, we create a same such "healthy space" in our building's private backyard within which to melt, mix, pour and package each artisan quality item. With our location just 3 blocks shy of the East River, where the waters run in from the Atlantic Ocean just beyond, we think these exclusive candles will be inherent with the beauty of a clear refreshing breeze surround. 


our premiere collection

“Catch” the color of the SUN ​ and use it to BRIGHTEN or SOFTEN a day!



  CM00001 Sun Projector Lamp          

Create ambience of the sun—to inspire, comfort or delight

  • Sleek simple design w/sturdy base
  • Portable easy adjust angles to illuminate silhouette onto wall, ceiling or floor
  • Plug USB to computer or to included AC adapter for use in office as a reminder to get out & enjoy a bit of the day or use at home to add decorative warmth and cheer

Featuring the Color ‘healing’ properties of GOLDEN YELLOW

Gold, or even the color, has awesome studied if not scientifically proven potential to affect us positively. To combat stress, stabilize emotions, or rejuvenate whole body systems, gold is reputed to attract honor, wealth & happiness making it a pleasant addition to any environ & a practical or occassional aid to try out! Also featuring the Color ‘healing’ properties of ‘Dark Matter’ BLACK  Black, or even the color, since they say Dark Matter in our universe isn't really the color black, yet we can continue to relate to its characteristics as being characteristic of the color, since it appears as the color, ... has awesome studied if not scientifically proven potential to offer us creative capacities. Black Dark Matter in our Universe, is where stars are born! Whether as blank-slate coordinate in artistic décor or clothing black is used proactively in color therapy for its grounding, stabilizing and shielding properties. It absorbs negative energies, just like the black of night offers repair, rest, slumber and re-birth to most living things on our planet, the color works great in our GDLLToxX’ merchandise mix toward tox-free living and working. Black also lends good sense of privacy! Lifetime satisfaction guarantee. Always FREE shipping

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