​See 'A candid note about 'sourcing' on our home pageso you may feel rest assured our products are procured under the finest care.

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From these our youngest days forward to however large a company we become, just like our parent company NYGold Tours, Inc. we don't put a price on privacy--we believe it's yours, and we've no right to buy it, sell it, seek it nor store it. If ever you wish to contact us, just let us know how you want us to respond. We don't even want your payment information if you should be so inclined to make a purchase. Please choose PayPal's checkout, where our shopping carts are 'parked', because we trust them and that's their line of business. We will never need your info. If we can't get your sale by transparent tactics, like great items at fair prices that encourage 'intentional value' of products, rather than price wars between vendors, and made-to-order art based lines over mass-produced 'fleeting interest' styles, then we'll know we need to learn more about our products and internet presence. Thank you so much for your patronage trust. We pledge to honor that priceless understanding of expecting business' best..

Couture and designer items will celebrate highlights from GDLLvirtual tours featured on Instagram and Youtube.     

New York City Department of Consumer Affairs Licensed Sightseeing Guide owned.

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We think you'll enjoy plenty of FREE vision strategy hints and tips as you peruse our merchandise mix and discover frequently added new items throughout GDLL's many departments from Eyewear to Art to Home. 


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We specialize in delighting our customers and always supply FREE shipping plus lifetime satisfaction guarantees on our entire assortment.  

Enjoy behind-the-scenes access to our product development and even our research and design that humbly wants to be a one of 'the people's' collective voice that also honors those in power.

Responsible Design & Product Development

A strong belief in values of sustainable and organic goods and materials guides our business strategy. Not 100%, yet, but 'greening'.


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Gold de la  Locale sets out to offer the most modern content  and products available on the leading edge of our industry.

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GOLDde  la  Locale

Greetings.   Rethinkinretail because we love when it's for good. Offering you a most warm welcome.

What We Offer

NY GOLD TOURS was founded by Loretta Jones as a corporate education vision strategy company in 2014 and incorporated in 2021. 

Relying on a background in visual merchandising with companies like Neiman Marcus and Simon Mall Properties, along with earlier experience as an entry level executive out of college with Bloomingdale's and her unique perspective of having grown up atop a highest land elevation along the eastern seaboard, Grymes Hill in NYC's S.I. Loretta crafted vision strategy products like the Smart Visual and Walks for Workers.   
Now, Gold de la LocaleNYGT's own NEW brand, will offer exciting thoughtful items right here in an online department store forum.