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Mojo, back. Spending time in our NYC Soho neighborhood with excited crowds rushing past, young and in the know--no one stopping to say "Hey, what's all this?" was finally and at once cathartic for Loretta Jones founder, and our highest design professional who started her early twenties with a management job there that led the influx of stores to the area that was before more about art, and design inhabitants. A feeling that it all got away from itself too quickly isn't new to New York, it's actually a dilemma that befalls many a one-time leading-edge reluctantly flattered neighborhood. On many a leading-edge, in store executive 'trainee' role right out of college where Marvin Traub, chairman at the time of Bloomingdale's with only one (Flagship)store in NYC in that year of 1989 and less than 20 branches told Executive Placement who recruited Loretta from Wood Tobe-Coburn then on Broadway between 3rd and 4th Streets only specializing in the business end(since Loretta grew up in a fashion industry family she had plenty of the creative gene) of the fashion industry, to "Run the store as if it's your own". In visual merchandising Loretta went on to work with some of the best companies--learning only during an orientation session that the seemingly art-edge Neiman Marcus actually owned Bergdorf's. The Bergdorf Goodman's here in NY... There, Loretta was able to try out new techniques, finishings, design and always re-work layout to a collection, seeing the collection as the vehicle to show each piece.

Continuing the same aesthetic value throughout her career led to her assured design scope today. As Gold de la Locale's chief designer, Loretta's Native American background begins to take center stage with the color exploration and land/vegetation/produce understanding. Similar to the Feng-Shui Loretta studied, the study goes further and more basic and common sensical. Without having any formal history to her roots, Loretta stayed open to what the universe was telling her, not the other way around. Open-minded and sensitive to earth elements and nature. 

To the business development she works on for fashion to be able to take a role in all other industries, the message once and a million times over a lifetime of same similar goes sometimes without pause nor compliment, but not really ever wasted. You should expect to see it in our online shop here of Gold de la Locale and future brick and mortar shops, pods and stores. At deliberate pace and Loretta's sentiment, we've grounded ourselves with our parent company NY Gold Tours, Inc and are set to propel this year into an exceptional 2024 applying the best of individual and original proprietary company product concepts with the most unique assortment available as we go into the future better and better having more and more resources, more and more agility. 21st Century Responsibility. Together. Wishing the world all the best we can brightly achieve.

                                                                                                                                                                  NY Gold Tours, Inc and Gold de la Locale

A candid note about our sourcing:  All items besides our Thouroughbred Thrifting department are brand new, bought firsthand. 'Special finds' often bought at retail, are usually bought direct from suppliers also unless we've designed and made them ourselves under our private label product development lines. Thouroughbred Thrifting departments will always be clearly marked as such and are washed, merchandised, stored, sealed and displayed separately from regular GDLL inventory. Any of our merchandise handling includes gloves, air purifier, ventilation and facemasks in strictly clean workspace environment where good vibes prevail. For product lines that benefit from outdoor crafting, like our natural and organic beeswax candles, we create a same such "healthy space" in our building's private backyard within which to melt, mix, pour and package each artisan quality item. With our location just 3 blocks shy of the East River, where the waters run in from the Atlantic Ocean just beyond, we think these exclusive candles will be inherent with the beauty of a clear refreshing breeze surround. 

From our concepts to the literal, from our personal choices to our professional, we use clean energy! Our products selection isn't 100% but we're working toward it. Hopefully collectively, with all of you!

Learn.  Powerful visual expertise for motivation, selfcare and leadership are shared across GDLL content, shopping environments and unique designs.

Shop. Product lines that are geared toward embracing and standing for Anti-Toxic... Zero-Emissions... Good-Vibe concept. See golddelalocale on facebook for behind-the-scenes glimpses into our product development as  GolddelaLocale skill sets, design ethics and merchandise lines evolve with our industries and this moment-in-time.  

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